Rent McLaren in Monte Carlo

The McLaren brand was founded by the famous racer and designer from New Zealand Bruce McLaren in 1963. The company was engaged in the development and production of cars for Formula-1. The current brand for the production of road supercars appeared in 1989 and has the name McLaren Automotive Limited.

You can rent the latest McLaren models in our company.


Model lineup of McLaren for rental in Europe

The current model range of the British brand today includes models such as the MP4-12C with a hard folding top and a 3.3-second acceleration. up to 100km, P1 with a hybrid power plant and active aerodynamics. Here you can rent a McLaren 650S with a volume of 3.8, with acceleration up to 100km in 3 seconds.

Another representative of the brand that shocked the public with its forms and dynamic indicators is 720S and Senna. The first reaches hundreds in 2.9 s, the second in 2.8. Both series have received an unusually smooth design, the latest brake systems with ventilated discs. At Rent Luxe Car you can book a McLaren rental in any European city.


Interesting Facts

  • McLaren first began to use carbon fiber, which is used in the aviation and space industry.
  • Together with Hugo Boss, McLaren first begins to use the command form in auto racing.
  • In addition to the machines, the company produces quite functional smartphones.
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