Rent one of the luxury cars in Rome

Rent luxury car in Rome

An ideal way to visit the grand capital city of the Lazio region in Italy is definitely with a luxury car rental in Rome. Rome is known as a fantastic city with a great wealth of grand palazzos and historic monuments and a supreme tradition of food and wine. Rome is a well-known visitor destination and it is also important for the country’s political as well as religious life with St. Peters Basilica and Vatican City situated on the River Tiber’s west bank.

The fleet of our luxury car rentals in Rome contains:

  • Executive sedans
  • Exotic high performance sports motors
  • Premium 4x4 SUV’s
  • Premium minivans

Whether you are looking for an exclusive car rental for only one day or for one week, we will prove to you that our company is absolutely the right choice; we can render our services for even a longer time period. You can pick a superb self-drive sedan for your family vacation in the capital city’s Centro Storico and Pantheon district or a luxury cabriolet with a chauffeur driver for a special event like a red carpet event in the lavish Tidente and Spanish Steps region of the city of Rome.

Choose your grand vehicle and rent directly in Rome Fiumicino aiport

If you are flying into Ciampino International Airport (CIA) or da Vinci, Fiumicino International Airport (FCO), you can have the benefit of our exclusive airport meet & greet services so that you can have the pleasure of first class transfer to an executive hotel in the Rome city centre. This is a wonderful way to enjoy great luxury at the peak level along with our Rome Luxury car rental services.

Rome: The Gem of Italy

A large number of people looking to go on vacation have chosen Italy as their destination due to the high number of attractions that reside in this particular European country. Millions of tourists have passed through this region at one point or another and a popular city for those going through the country is Rome. Rome is the capital city of Italy and also happens to be home to the Vatican, which hosts what can be described as the home of the Catholic Church. One can simply look for a luxury car rental in Rome and drive through city visiting the various attractions that are available to tourists.

There is a great deal of things that one can take parts in when they are in Rome and depending on numbers of factors such as the particular seasons in which one visits the city, a visitor can either enjoy a great number of outdoor or indoor (or sometimes both) activities that will leave them with lasting memories that they will cherish for the rest of their lives. Deciding to rent a luxury car in Rome and travel to the different sites is something that an individual is less likely to regret in the future.

The Beauty of Rome

Rome has been described by many as one of the most beautiful cities in the world and looking for a Ferrari rental in Rome so as to drive around the various amazing sites is something that one should not shun should they ever get the opportunity. The city also enjoys a wonderful climate which allows individuals to have fun throughout the year no matter the season as the winters are not as cold as some places in Europe might be. This means that one can still go outside and enjoy themselves during this particular season instead of hurdling together indoors with friends and loved ones for warmth.

Individuals who may be fans of football would also not regret an opportunity to visit the city as it hosts two of the biggest clubs in the country in the form of Roma and Lazio. An individual can decide to rent a convertible in Rome and take a quick drive out to one of the stadiums on a sunny afternoon for an exciting game of football between these two great teams and other rivals. Needless to say, the live experience will be better than watching the game on television as is done by most people.

Exclusive Cars Rome Rental

Enjoy visiting the ancient and extremely enchanting city of Rome with our luxury car rental. You can also enjoy the convenience of online booking and can have a Porsche Panamera S available to you after leaving the Ciampino Airport. We have the best competitive rates for the rental cars, so pick a luxury car of your dreams from a convenient car rental search. Now choose between the Bentley Continental GT Convertible, the car of a successful man with a great reputation, and a Porsche Panamera Turbo, a car with many vrooms under the bonnet.

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