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Luxury car rental in Abu Dhabi

We know how to rent an premium class car in Abu Dhabi and save on hire. Call us or leave a request on the site, and we:

  • We will offer a car that suits your wishes, but with a modest budget;
  • pick up an inexpensive car - the rental price starts from 220 euros per day;
  • we will issue a progressive discount - the longer the lease term, the less you need to pay.
  • The consultant speaks five languages, so you will not have problems with communication. He will answer additional questions, calculate the cost of the rental and offer additional options.


What cars are we offer 


We offer rental of luxury cars in Abu Dhabi. In our fleet - more than 100 expensive cars in the maximum possible bundle. We periodically buy new luxury models and every 1-2 years we update our fleet, so we offer you the maximum choice.


We offer to rent:


Sports cars - it develop speeds of up to 350 km / h, so they are ideal for fans of adrenaline and drive
Minivans with a capacity of up to 7 seats - they do not develop the maximum speed, but are great for business trips with a team or traveling in a large friendly company
Executive cars - their main difference lies in luxury, comfort, prestige: on such cars come on dates, business meetings, solemn events
SUVs - they are distinguished by high cross-country ability, that's why they are perfect for long trips: they can travel all over Europe
Cabriolets are their main difference in luxury and the opening roof, which gives the exterior of the car a special highlight and emphasizes your status
Choose from a variety of models - at your service Bentley GTC, BMW 740 XD, Range Rover Sport, Abarth 595 Cabrio, McLaren 650S and other luxury cars.


Why you should contact us

We guarantee safety. All cars are equipped with modern security systems - for example, protection against overturning or a modern parking system. In addition, all cars are insured by the CASCO system - you can rent a prestigious car in Abu Dhabi and not worry about possible accidents.

We offer an honest collateral system. If the car was injured in an accident not through your fault, we fully refund the collateral. If you are to blame for the accident, we will write off only the amount of the pledge and not more.

We deliver and take away the car. We bring the car to a certain time in the appointed place - to the airport, to the hotel, to the station and so on. We take the car from any place- where we will agree in advance.

We go to meet customers. Rent a luxury car in Abu Dhabi for drivers over 21 years with a minimum of driving experience. If you do not meet the requirements, we will offer the services of a personal driver.

To rent a luxury car in Abu Dhabi you need to call us by phone, fill out the online form on our website or leave a request for a return call. Take the driver's license and a credit card with the amount sufficient for the pledge: we will arrange the contract for 10-15 minutes.

Luxury Car Brands

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