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Rent luxury car in Antibes

Planning a trip around the Cote d'Azur? Then you need to rent a luxury car in Antibes to travel comfortably between the cities of Provence and to enjoy the splendor and magnificence of southern France.


Some details of renting luxury cars in Antibes


We will deliver a rented car to any requested location on the French coast: Nice airport, a railway station, a seaport or any other place where you will find it convenient to have a closer look at the car and sign a contract for a luxury car rental in Antibes.

Pre-booking gives you a 100% guarantee of the availability of the desired car for the selected dates of the trip.


Sportscar rental in Antibes


The most powerful sportscars in Rent Luxe Car have special rental conditions. First, we managed to reduce the cost of rent compared to competitors. Secondly, you will be required only a driver's license. Any driver over 21 years can rent a luxury car in Antibes regardless of driving experience.

The full terms of this rental are spelled out in the contract including the daily cost and the amount of the deposit. They are usually fixed for each car, but if you rent a sportscar in Antibes for a long time, we can give you a good discount. The price already includes 150 km of travel per day.


Rental of executive-class cars in Antibes


Cars of class E and F are often booked from us with a personal driver. This approach has a number of advantages: no driver's license and credit card details are required to secure the deposit, and you get the opportunity to enjoy the trip in full, solving business issues from the passenger seat and making business calls if necessary. However, you can rent a convertible in Antibes without a driver if desired.

Call Rent Luxe Car at +39 3391461303 right now, and we will find you a luxury car on the most favorable terms!

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