Rent Maserati in Europe

Maserati is a famous Italian brand of exclusive sports cars and premium business class cars. The company was founded in 1914 by three Maserati brothers. The date of birth of the trademark is considered to be April 25, 1926, when the first production car, the Gran Prix 1500, debuted at popular car races.

All lovers of this brand can rent a Maserati in Rent Luxe Car.


Model lineup of Maserati for rental in Europe

Since the end of the 90s, the main lineup and the philosophy of the brand have been defined, which declares itself as a brand of powerful, expensive, sports cars. With us you can rent a Maserati Quattroporte, a high-speed Maserati Ghibli sedan or a powerful Gran Cabrio cabriolet with 4.7 volumes and 440 hp, and of course the Maserati Levante is a luxury crossover in a sporty and luxurious traditional style.

All models are equipped with superstrong units, high speeds, and a rich leather interior with many unique details. With us you can rent Maserati of all these series very profitably, being in any city in Europe.


Interesting Facts

  • The emblem of the brand in the form of the trident of Neptune, the Maserati brothers created in the image of the fountain sculptures in Bologna.
  • The company won not only on the track, but also in sea races, thanks to the trimaran Maserati Multi 70.
  • Maserati was preferred by Maria Theresa de Phillipis, the first female pilot on Formula-1.
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