Rent one of the luxury cars in Nice

Rent luxury car in Nice

The historic city of Nice is widely known as “Nice la Belle” which means “Nice the Beautiful”. In 1912, this appellation became the title of the unofficial anthem of the city of Nice. As the name discloses, Nice is considered as one of the most beautiful cities across the world, situated in the French banks of the Mediterranean Sea. To delve into the lights and attractions of the city, rent a luxury car.

The Ferrari 488 Spider is the new model of 2016 that represents the epitome of the Ferrari marque – fast, fabulous and furious. To get a more aristocratic mood, it would be great to hire a Bentley GTC as it contains a regal composure, maintaining a prestigious presence no matter where it goes. You can also take advantage of our meet and greet service and get a rental car to visit any place of the magical city. For instance, visit the luxurious and magnificent Le Mas de Pierre in order to see its pretty manicured grounds. After breakfast, a Rolls Royce Ghost can be delivered to you that will take you to the center of the city to enjoy a lot of scenes to relax your mind and body.

Choose to rent a Range Rover Sport Autobiography as it is has an executive appearance along with exceptionally comfortable drive. Power the Range Rover from the city of Nice to the historic town in the Luberon region named Apt. A few years back, the city was nicknamed as ‘Le Colorado Provencal’ because the land is filled with bright red and ochre colours and it is known well by the people who have travelled through the American southeast. Saturday is the market day in the town of Apt, so try to plan the trip on some other day. Otherwise it would tantalise your senses seeing the display bars out of stock, especially when you are looking for fresh and ripe produce. Rent a luxury car in Nice to reveal the beauty that lies within the Provence- Alpes- Cote d’Azur region.

Nice la Belle

Those wishing to travel the world and see new sites that they may have only had heard of in stories would do well to visit the French city of Nice. This city happens to be the 5th most populated city in France, and this can be said to be a testament of its high attraction levels. Those wishing to visit Nice should also conduct a little research about the region before travelling so as to know what to expect and where to go for whatever it is that they may be looking for concerning entertainment. Travelling from place to place should not be a problem as there are some options available, and one can always decide to rent a luxury car in Nice if they want to travel in style.

Why had Nice?

There are multiple reasons why an individual may choose to rent a convertible in Nice and travel around the city. Its favorable climate means that it would not be as cold as it would be in other parts of Europe during the winter for one and good weather has always been a major attraction for those wishing to travel. The country’s architecture is also one to behold, and one can spend hours just walking through the city taking in the sites that have arisen over the years. One may also choose to search for a Ferrari rental in Nice before travelling to one of the two bays available in the city for an afternoon of rest like no other.

It has been stated that Nice is second only to the capital of France and a large number of tourists visit the city on an annual basis. This means that an individual can interact with different people from different parts of the world upon their visitation and not just the local inhabitants of the city. It should be mentioned that the residents of Nice are quite lovely people and a joy to have around. Most people will be eager to help a foreigner in need should one mistakenly take the wrong turn and lose their way for instance.

This can be said to be twice as true for those work in the hospitality industry as not only are they part of the Nice friendly culture that envelops the personalities of most residents, but they are eager to ensure that they can get return customers wherever they visit. One can never go wrong with a trip to one of France’s gems and a quick trip to a luxury car rental in Nice before driving around the city could be the ultimate vacation.  

Luxury Sport Cars models in Nice

Nice is located on the French Riviera and it is a great holiday spot to visit throughout the year. Take the rental car for a week or book it on a monthly basis. Enjoy the benefits of the full luxury, always available super cars. Let’s try the Porsche 911 Carrera 4S Cabriolet  / Ferrari 458 Spider / Lamborghini Huracan / Ferrari 488 / Ferrari California and other sport cars to enjoy the ride of a wildly adventurous vehicle as its energy cannot be easily restrained. For a full luxury trip, rent out a BMW i8 – a pure electric car that is on track to revolutionise driving.

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