Rent Mini in Europe

MINI - the legendary family of small cars, which has become a prominent representative of the premium niche of global automotive brands. Appearing on the light in 1959, the car immediately gained popular love and popularity. Compactness, maneuverability, corporate design are the main features that the Mini preserves today.

You can verify this by renting a MINI in our company.


Model lineup of Mini for rental in Europe


With us you can rent the MINI of the latest years of release already in the composition of the Bavarian brand. The main lineup includes: Mini Cooper 5-Door, Cabrio Cabriolet, Clubman city wagon, Countryman crossovers, Paceman, as well as elegant Roadster, etc.

All modern models carry the recognizable features of their famous predecessors. Retro style is complemented by the latest electronic technology and powerful engine systems. Fans of this brand and connoisseurs of high-end cars can rent a Mini on our website.


Interesting Facts

  • It is known that the first Mini were the result of the Sueck crisis in the oil market, when it was necessary to create the most economical car.
  • Engineer Alec Issigonis was a heavy smoker, so he donated a radio in the cabin in favor of a fairly large ashtray.
  • It is believed that the creator of a miniskirt, Mary Kaunt, was inspired by this particular car.
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