Rent Jaguar in Europe

Jaguar is a famous British manufacturer that specializes in the production of luxury cars. The trademark belongs to the Jaguar Land Rover group and is owned by the Indian auto giant Tata Motors. The brand professes loyalty to traditions and high technologies.

You can rent Jaguar newest models in our company.


Model lineup of Jaguar for rental in Europe 

Each Jaguar model is a combination of technical excellence and external brilliance. Immediately, we can distinguish such iconic series as the F-Type, a family of legendary sports cars. Bright representatives: F-Type Cabrio with a V6 engine and a 5-liter volume and a less agile F-Type Cabrio R with controlled dynamics. You can rent these models of Jaguar from us.

Among the best-selling brands are such models as the X-Type, I-Pace, E-Pace, comfortable sedans XFR, XF and representative XJ, XFR-S. A real pleasure to drive will give the F-Pace crossover a car with a sporty character, high power and smooth dynamics. You can rent a Jaguar from us and enjoy the trip to Europe.


Interesting Facts

  • The first name Swallow Sidecar was changed to Jaguar after the war because of the abbreviation SS.
  • The E-Type in the 60s was the first sports car with ceramic brakes.
  • In 1992, Barbie doll "changed" your Ferrari to a pink Jaguar.
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