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Rent luxury car in Zurich

Rental of a luxury sportscar in Zürich is an urgent option for many reasons. At first, this Swiss city is located at the intersection of all major highways that connect Zürich with other big cities of Switzerland including Geneva, Berne, Basel and others, and all these highways stretch along picturesque mountains and lakes.

Secondly, local asphalt roads are wonderful like in any other expensive European city. This is why the rental of a premium car in Zürich guarantees you a perfect ride and a lot of excitement while travelling by speedways on business or just for fun to any side of the country.


Rental of luxury cars in Zürich at an affordable price


Despite the status of perhaps the most expensive city in the world (3rd place in 2015 according to Mercer), renting a luxury car in Zurich is not more expensive than in Paris, Rome or other European capital.

Prices for renting the luxury cars in Rent Luxe Car are quite friendly and start from 133 € per day when rented for a month. Discounts are available for a week rental as well. The most expensive will be a rental of a sportscar in Zürich for one day (from 1000 to 2000 € on the average).

Rental conditions:

  • the presence of a valid driver's license (international or other type);
  • age of 18 (or 21 years for a sportscar).


How to rent?


Rental of a premium class car in Zürich from company Rent Luxe Car will not take more than 15 minutes. Find your car on our website and contact with us in any convenient way.

If you need any assistance in choosing, please call to our company consultant by phone at +393391461303 or online. We are available 24 hours and answer in 5 languages! We also deliver a car to the airport free of charge.

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