Rent Tesla in Hungary

Tesla electric cars have made a revolution in the global automotive industry, thanks to electric motors. In addition to the environmentally friendly source of energy consumption, electric vehicles are equipped with unique technologies that allow you to make the ride more comfortable and safe.

You can rent Tesla in any city in Europe in our company.


Model lineup of Tesla for rental in Europe

The brand line today is represented by several models. For lovers of fast and comfortable ride, the Model S is a luxury model with excellent dynamics and charge. Also, you can rent a Tesla Model S P100DL with all attributes of a hypercar and 2.28 seconds. overclocking.

A good enough reputation for electric cars of the Model 3 series with excellent aerodynamics, with comfort for the driver and passengers. Also on our site is available Tesla Model X 90D rental - a spacious and functional crossover with two powerful engines, with good acceleration and reliable power reserve.


Interesting Facts

  • Tesla Model S P100DL was the first production car to overcome the 100km mark in 2.3 seconds.
  • Electric cars are updated on the principle of gadgets.
  • Model S can be simply left without turning off - it goes into sleep mode, like a PC.
  • Eberhard came up with the name "Tesla", dining in one of the restaurants in Disneyland.
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