Rent Mercedes Class S 350 Long in Rimini

  • Mercedes Class S 350 Long
  • Mercedes Class S 350 Long
  • Mercedes Class S 350 Long
  • Mercedes Class S 350 Long
  • Mercedes Class S 350 Long
  • Mercedes Class S 350 Long

For many years, the company Mercedes has positioned itself as a manufacturer of safe and prestigious premium cars. A vivid embodiment of the brand's philosophy was the Mercedes Class S sedan, which in 2009 expanded the line of S-class cars, which by that time had become a real legend.


Features of renting a Mercedes Class S

The first and main difference of the model is the maximum space in the cabin for the driver and passengers. This feature will appeal to those who are not accustomed to limit personal space. For such car enthusiasts, renting a Mercedes Class S in Rimini or another city of your choice at Rent Luxe Car will be the perfect solution.

In all other respects, the Mercedes class S remains a true Bavarian, in which elegance is combined with restraint and the smoothness of the lines - with the unobtrusive aggressiveness of the chrome grille.

Technical indicators of the car can reach speeds of up to 250 km / h.

Mercedes rental in Rimini is not the only comfort but also driver and passenger safety. The car is equipped with modern systems that will help maintain controllability in all conditions.


Rental conditions for Mercedes Class S in Rimini

Mercedes S350 Long is just made for traveling on the roads of Europe! It is ideal for traveling along the French Riviera and Switzerland’s alpine trails, the Tuscan hills, and the Amalfi coast. That is why the geography of our company is so extensive.

We rent Mercedes Class S in Rimini, as well as in many other cities and countries. With our help, you can organize a romantic trip to the most interesting places in Europe or go to a business meeting in an atmosphere of true comfort.

We provide the opportunity to rent a Mercedes S without a driver, and if you want to see as much as possible on the road, use the help of a professional.

Call us at +39 339 14 61 303 and we will calculate for you the exact cost of renting a Mercedes Class S in Rimini.

Rental Conditions

We guarantee the offered model. Only internals or engine power could be different, but we will send you all specifications before give the confirmation.

For insurance reasons, the minimum age for rent Mercedes Class S 350 Long is at least 18 years. A valid driver’s licence is always required to rent a Mercedes Class S 350 Long in Europe, as well as a minimum amount of 5000 € in your credit card, which is blocked on the rental period and released only after the return of the car.

The car insurance system “Car Rental Loss and Damage” (CASCO) which is applied to all vehicles provides collision damage to the rented car, but does not cover the minimum of personal responsibility, generally the 10% of the new car price.

The rental rate includes mileage, amounting to 250 km per day and the cost of each additional kilometre is 1 €.

The car you requested will be delivered within 24-48 hrs.

Shipping costs generally depend on the distance from the pick-up location to the delivery destination.

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