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Sports Car Rental in Rimini

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Interested in renting a sports car in Rimini? Rent Luxe Car has at least 22 models of super-powerful sports cars of such prestigious brands as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley, McLaren, Jaguar, Mercedes, Audi, as well as other prominent representatives of the Italian, British and German car industry.


What gives you a rental of a sports car in Rimini?

Renting a supercar in Rimini will allow you to fully enjoy super-fast driving while experiencing a race car on wide European highways. For some, this is a real chance to feel what real Formula 1 drivers feel when they sit behind the wheel of famous cars. For others, it is an opportunity to move quickly around Europe without compromising on quality and comfort. And someone may decide to realize his long-cherished dream.


Most sports cars of our fleet can reach speeds of the order of 300–350 km / h, accelerating from a spot to a hundred in just 2.9–3 s, and their power fluctuates around 500–700 l. with. Due to the low center of gravity, downforce and aerodynamic properties of the body, they have an incredible cornering stability, demonstrating high safety and amazing dynamics even on difficult road sections.


Rent a supercar in Rimini at competitive prices

Here are some reasons why renting a in Rimini sports car is most beneficial at Rent Luxe Car:

  • Favorable prices
  • fleet of more than 90 models
  • the ability to return the car in another city,
  • delivery of a sports car to any part of Europe,
  • minimum set of documents
  • contract in English,
  • booking with a minimum prepayment
  • online registration in 1 minute
  • discounts up to 50%.

Find out right now how much it costs to rent a in Rimini sports car for your dates! Call the number +39 339 14 61 303 around the clock!

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