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Rent luxury car in Bern

Are you going to rent a car in Bern? Pay attention to the rental of luxury cars in Bern from the company Rent Luxe Car, as those cars fit most harmoniously into the splendor of Swiss landscapes and surroundings. You won’t need to worry about comfort or safety as you get the most of what you are already used to have on the road, i.e. all the best of the luxury automotive industry to this date.


Rental of a luxury car in Bern


The rental of executive-class cars in Bern is in demand as nowhere else taking into account the Federal status of the city and its political orientation with heads of different countries and the highest rank representatives meeting every hour for various congresses and symposiums.

In Switzerland, most often these cars are rented from us with a personal driver, who is also a guide in a foreign country, a translator, and sometimes a bodyguard. For the most of businessmen, this is the only opportunity to keep doing their business in Switzerland as usual with the maximum time planning efficiency.

Rental of a sportscar in Bern


If you are the lucky one who came to the Swiss capital not for business but for leisure, we recommend you to rent a sportscar in Bern, and enjoy the dynamics and power.


Rental of a premium car in Bern


Only a driver's license is needed in the Rent Luxe Car Company for a rental of a luxury car in Bern. The contact making takes no more than 15 minutes.

To speed up the process, we recommend you to leave a preliminary application online (chat, e-mail) or by phone. You will need to specify the brand and model of the desired car, the date of rental and the city where you can pick up/return the car. At your request, we can deliver it to the requested place, as well as pick up after the end of the rental.

Call us right now at +39 339 14 61 303 and find out more about renting a luxury car in Bern!

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