Rent Mercedes S600 Armored in Hungary

  • Mercedes S600 Armored
  • Mercedes S600 Armored
  • Mercedes S600 Armored
  • Mercedes S600 Armored
  • Mercedes S600 Armored
  • Mercedes S600 Armored
  • Mercedes S600 Armored

Renting an armored Mercedes-Benz S600 saved the lives of presidents, entrepreneurs, and high-ranking officials more than once.

When it’s not possible to bring your personal car with you on a business trip, a foreign business trip or to rest in Europe, renting an armored Mercedes-Benz S600 at Rent Luxe Car will be the best way out, which will take care of your safety by providing a representative car. together with a personal driver (or without it), which in combination will become your guard, and your guide, and translator.


Mercedes-Benz S600 Armored in Hungary rental conditions


We offer rent of a representative armored Mercedes-Benz S600 not only in Hungary but also in any other part of Europe. You only need to declare your intention in any way (by phone, mail, online), and we will deliver the Mercedes-Benz S600 to the right address at the right time.

At Rent Luxe Car you will always be offered the most favorable lease terms for any period. Dial our number +39 339 14 61 303 if you need to rent a Mercedes-Benz S600 armored car in Hungary or another European country at a reasonable price.


Features of Mercedes-Benz S600 Armored


Mercedes-Benz S600 is booked directly at the factory, which guarantees compliance with all necessary technological procedures.

Reservations are made on the principle of armored capsules, which ensures maximum rigidity and stability of the vehicle during a possible shelling since the assembly uses anti-ricochet and anti-explosion stiffening ribs. 

Finally, renting a Mercedes-Benz S600 is your safety guarantee also because factory booking is carried out in accordance with the European norms EN 1063 in combination with EN 1522, thanks to which the special protection of the representative Mercedes-Benz S600 reaches the highest possible class - B6 + / B7, having armored glass, special tires, built-in plates and other elements of reliable armor.


We rent a Mercedes-Benz S600 Armored:


  • presidents
  • politicians,
  • vice-premiers, prosecutors, deputies, ministers, diplomats and other high-ranking officials,
  • big business owners
  • emirs, sheiks,
  • all who fear for their lives
  • those who want to feel outside their home country in absolute security.
Rental Conditions

We guarantee the offered model. Only internals or engine power could be different, but we will send you all specifications before give the confirmation.


building For insurance reasons, the minimum age for rent Mercedes S600 Armored is at least 21 years. A valid driver’s license is always required to rent a Mercedes S600 Armored in Europe, as well as a minimum amount of 15000 € in your credit card, which is blocked on the rental period and released only after the return of the car.

The car insurance system “Car Rental Loss and Damage” (CASCO) which is applied to all vehicles provides collision damage to the rented car, but does not cover the minimum of personal responsibility, generally the 10% of the new car price.


road The rental rate includes mileage, amounting to 150 km per day and the cost of each additional kilometer is 5 €. 



phone The car you requested will be delivered within 24-48 hrs.

Shipping costs generally depend on the distance from the pick-up location to the delivery destination.


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