Rent Maybach in Hungary

Maybach is the German brand of the exclusive and most expensive premium cars. The company was founded in 1909 by Wilhelm Maybach and initially engaged in the release of engines for airships. Cars of this brand are always made to order and in small batches.

With us you have the opportunity to rent Maybach in any city in Europe.


Model lineup of Maybach for rental in Europe

After a long break, the company introduced the executive sedan Maybach 57 in 2002. The designers created a whole kingdom on wheels with a 6-liter engine, perfect suspension and powerful intelligence in the cabin. Rent Maybach of this model is suitable for lovers of driving without a driver.


Another representative of the elite of cars is the Maybach 62 model with an updated V12 engine and 612 hp, the latest braking system, and an elegant trim. The car is equipped with Air Dual Control air suspension, a microcomputer for processing road data. On our site you can rent a Mercedes Maybach S Class executive class.


Interesting Facts

  • The cost of the famous model Zeppelin was 50 thousand Reichsmarks (Volkswagen "Beetle" cost 990 Reichsmarks).
  • During the war, Maybach collected engines for the Tiger and Panther tanks.
  • Maybach was the first to use an 8-speed gearbox.
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